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Question No. 15 Civil | GATE 2015

Consider the following statements for air-entrained concrete:

(i) Air-entrainment reduces the water demand for a given level of workability
(ii) Use of air-entrained concrete is required in environments where cyclic freezing and thawing is expected

Which of the following is TRUE ?

Answer : (A) Both (i) and (ii) are True

Solution of Question No 15 of GATE 2015 Civil Paper

An air - entraining agent introduces air the form of minute bubbles that occupy upto 5% of the volume of concrete distributed uniformly throught cement paste. Thus, for the same amount of water/cement ratio, we get higher workability.

An air-entraining agent improves freezing and thawing resistance since cracks in the concrete during freezing and melting of water is avoided because water can take up the air void present in concrete.  

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